Bulk Material Handling Equipment & Systems


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To dump, fill, unload, weigh, mix, feed, meter, convey and store dry bulk solids & slurries. Select from a wide variety of rugged, high-performance bulk material handling equipment in steel, stainless steel and aluminum with many options to help you to greatly improve safety, efficiency and process control.

Automated Systems

Bulk Bag Unloader

Bulk Bag Unloaders

Container Filling System

Bulk Bag & Container Filling Systems


Lift & Dump Dumpers

Dumpers & Extended Pivot Dumpers

Dumpers & Extended Pivot Dumpers

Surge Bin

Surge Bins / Day Bins

Portable Bin

Portable Bins

High-Capacity Mixer

High Capacity Mixers

Gaylord Tilter

Gaylord Tilters

Other Available Products

  • Automated Systems & Integration
  • Bag Break / Dump Station
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Gates & Diverters
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Slurry Mix Tanks
  • Sort Stations
  • Vacuum Probes
  • Vacuum Take-Off Boxes
  • Vacuum Wands
  • Weigh Systems & Throughput Measurement

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